For Veterinarians

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A Collaborative Approach to Pet Care

If you’re a primary care veterinarian looking to refer a patient for sports medicine and rehabilitation, SOUND is your answer. We have two certified and highly specialized veterinarians available to discuss cases with you — we always advocate for a collaborative approach with fellow veterinary professionals above all else. Our doctors will take a thorough approach to the case in question and give suggestions before they decide on the next course of action or referral. When it comes to the care of your patients, consider us your trusted partner.

How to Collaborate with Us

Here at SOUND, we work as a team with each patient’s primary care veterinarian and specialists. It’s important that the SOUND team reviews all medical records, case summaries, and diagnostic tests prior to the patient’s first appointment so please be sure to have all of this available. We look forward to finding a solution together to improve the lives of your patients and the people who love them.

Make A Referral

Resources for Vets

Thanks to our team’s knowledge and experience, we can say with confidence that SOUND is a resource in and of itself for both veterinary professionals and pet owners looking for answers or guidance. Because arthritis is one of the most common conditions that we treat, we advise perusing the Canine Arthritis Resources and Education site for useful information.